Updated Sunday Jan 3, 2010
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Our Mission... Is to serve... Better than anyone else!

We specialize in Custom Built Cars, and provide that extra attention to detail. We put all our talent into every customerís dream. We build each car one at a time, because no two cars are the same. Our Off Road Cars start life on our computer... each car is fully modeled each car is then verified to confirm it meets "Your" requirements... changes are made as necessary, this is all done in the computer before we ever start the build process. After that we design and build fixtures as needed then start building your car. We then go through several sign-off steps and confirmation of engine transmission combination, colors, upholstery and all the other details that make this car, Your Car... If I can't provide you with the Car of your Dreams. I'll tell you.. That's My Promise

Chuck Finders Jr.
Finders Fabrication

Beam Car SAND RAILS...
FC-01 2 Seater     FC-03 4 Seater    

A-Arm SAND RAILS...     
FC-02 2 Seater     FC-04 4 Seater     FC-05 5 Seater    

This is our Sporty "Sexy" 4 Seat Sand Rail... We're SURE you'll Agree!     


Repair Work    

Race Teams We Currently Sponsor

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